We highly recommend Pat Shelby for guitar lessons, because he is excellent at teaching guitar skills and technique. In addition, he motivates our son by discovering his musical interests. When students are both motivated and taught fundamentals well, they make outstanding progress. Our community is fortunate to have such a talented guitarist who is willing to share his gift of music.  

-- Amy A.

Pat is an amazing teacher! He takes the time to get to know his students and find out what kind of music interests them. He shares his own love of music with students and my son loves the time he spends learning and enjoying music with Pat. He has learned a great deal in a short time and enjoys his lesson time each week.  

-- Katy S.

My son thoroughly enjoys the time spent with Pat learning new music and strengthening his skills on the bass guitar. Pat adjusts the content of his teaching, based upon each student's personality and goals as well as their style and genre of music.  

-- Beth F.

My son really enjoyed his guitar lessons. He both learned a lot and had a lot of fun. He appreciated your willingness to allow him to have some say in what he wanted to learn but at the same time give direction on what would be good for him to know. Thank you!

-- Brenda H.

I first started working with Pat 9 years ago. Before working with Pat, I didn't know how to strum a guitar. After 1 half hour lesson, Pat had me strumming confidently. Over the course of several years, Pat worked with me to continue to develop my skills. I now lead worship for a church of 500+ people, and am continuing to grow in my ability. I would not be able to do what I do today if hadn't been for Pat and his incredible kindness and patience. I have worked with 3 different guitar teachers since I got my first guitar, and Pat is hands down the best I have ever taken lessons from. You will not regret a moment you spend with Pat!  

-- Paul W.

I am a self-taught guitarist who plays in a church worship band. I’ve been taking lesson from Pat for about a year now and have nothing but praise for Pat. His instruction has been outstanding and I couldn’t be happier. Pat has the ability to stretch my playing to areas I never thought where possible. Yet he does it in ways that are fun and exciting. Pat has given me the incentive and desire to practice again. My worship leader should be the one making writing this testimonial, as he has seen a marked improvement in my playing. He is now actually giving me a more active role in our Sunday worship. I strongly recommend Pat to any guitarist looking to improve his/hers playing.  

-- Freeman T., Skype Student

Guitar lessons with Pat Shelby were incredible for my grade school son! With patience and perseverance my son was guided through reading music, chords, classical methods, duets and even writing his own music with a software program. I would highly recommend Mr. Shelby to any person who wants to learn how to play guitar – either child or adult!  

--Karianne C.

Pat taught my daughter guitar lessons. This was a trial to see if she liked guitar. I found Pat to be very patient yet giving her firm boundaries as to expectations. He not only encouraged her in her music skills and techniques but through that gave her encouragement that carried into life choices as well. I have seen this carried over in her behavior and when she is with other teachers. I am so grateful for Pat and His love for the Lord as he uses his passions and skills.

 --Tanya M.

My daughter's guitar lessons with Pat Shelby have been outstanding. He customizes each lesson specifically for her. Choosing music and techniques that interest her most. With Pat's help, she has made amazing progress in the time they've worked together. Pat's use of current technologies like Dropbox and Garage Band have been very helpful and relevant. I would recommend Pat Shelby to anyone who is interested in playing guitar from the beginner to the more experienced players.

-- Jill P.

My son has been taking guitar lessons with Pat for almost a year and it has been a fantastic experience.  Pat has a unique ability to tailor his lessons to each student’s individual learning style and interests.  His passion for sharing his gifts with others is evident in everything he does.  I would not hesitate to recommend Pat as a guitar teacher to anyone considering lessons.  Thanks so much!

-- Kristy S.